there are two ways to get stickers

method 1:

Stickers = $4.00 each for domestic orders / $5.00 each for international orders

JUMBO Packet of Stickers = $18.00 for domestic orders / $20.00 for international orders

donation amounts include shipping
allow two weeks for delivery

method 2:

ask (very nicely)

the SAW pirate GLOW-IN-THE-DARK sticker:

My official Stephen Austin Welch pirate sticker now glows in the dark! These are hot (HOT) off the press.

Just a heads up, that you can also buy this sticker on Etsy.

This sticker is a followup to the original SAW pirate sticker.

the SAW pirate man sticker:

the SAW circle sticker (2 in 1!):

already got ’em?
then email us a jpeg of where you've stuck 'em!

The   SAW WAS HERE   sticker contest was a smashing success of mischievousness & hilarity.

See the winners in the arrgh! gallery.

And YES, (by poulare demand) there will be another contest.
Email us if you want to be notified when it goes down.